ASME Bladder Tanks, Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels

Surge Arrestor Tanks

Surge and shock arrestor tanks are ASME code pre-charged hydropneumatic tanks for commercial, industrial, municipal and well water systems, designed to effectively control water hammer shock, and pump start-up/shut-down water surge.

ASME Bladder Surge Arrestor Tanks

SSA Surge arrestor tanks are ASME code design replaceable bladder type pre-charged surge arrestor tanks. The bladder design allows for full separation of the water and air. The replaceable bladder type surge arrestor tanks are suitable for use in potable and wastewater applications. Bladder style surge arrestor tanks are designed with a large water system connection to accept potentially harmful water surge pressures quickly with minimal pressure drop.

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Plain Steel Epoxy Lined Surge Arrestor Tanks

Plain steel epoxy-lined surge arrestor tanks are the non-bladder type in carbon steel. Surge arrestor tanks are designed to efficiently control water hammer shock and pump start-up/shut-down water Surge. Plain steel surge arrestor tanks are custom built to your specifications, allowing for internals and access flanges not suitable for a bladder tank design. Linings to suit specific needs can be accommodated. Plain steel surge arrestor tanks are designed to be used in conjunction with an air compressor.

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