ASME Bladder Tanks, Storage Tanks & Pressure Vessels

Replacement Tank Bladders

AA Tanks Co. is a major distributor of heavy-duty butyl rubber replacement tank bladders for all AA Tanks and Wessels designed ASME and non-ASME code Hydropneumatic bladder tanks, Surge Arrestor bladder tanks, and Expansion bladder tanks.

Replacement Bladders

  • All bladder type models and sizes are available, including
    • FX Hydropneumatic tank bladders
    • FXA Hydropneumatic tank bladders
    • SSA Surge arrestor tank bladders
    • NLA Expansion tank bladders
    • TXA Thermal Expansion Tank Bladders
  • Replaceable butyl rubber tank bladders are a barrier between air and water which prevents water logging.
  • Replaceable butyl rubber tank bladders help prevent corrosion and make tanks virtually maintenance free.
  • The minimum bladder material thickness is 2.4mm.
  • Butyl rubber material is NSF listed.
  • Used for water, hot water, and potable water applications.

Please consult our factory for technical information and product availability.